Founding Story of Fazenda

Tomás Maunier, our Managing Director and Co-Founder, was born in Brazil to Argentinian parents. He lived there for 10 years before moving back to Argentina. Originally a lawyer by trade, Tomás then moved into the marketing world for many years, a path that took him into the world of hospitality.

Tomás, together with one of our previous directors, created Fazenda with the goal of bringing a uniquely traditional dining experience for our guests.

Since launching in Leeds in 2010, Fazenda has built on its success and has opened four more restaurants within the UK – Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh & Birmingham.

All the tradition behind Fazenda comes from the gaúcho culture. These cattle farmers from South America – the gaúchos – are the creators of the ‘churrasco’. They build an open fire and using skewers they pierce big pieces of meat and place these around the fire, rotating them after some time. This slow cooking of the meat renders it beautifully flavourful and tender. The cooking is just one part of the experience, with family and friends gathered around the fire there’s singing, dancing, and the sharing of stories and memories together.

More about Fazenda

Fazenda was born from the passion for culture, exquisite food, fine wine and excellent service. For the team at Fazenda, the mission has been clear from day one: ‘We exist to make our guests feel special.’ This value and the heritage from which Fazenda was born is at the heart of everything we do.

Dining experience

You can learn more about our dining experience here.


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